How I embarrassed myself in Dubai Airport.

After two beautiful weeks on my Honeymoon in Mauritius we were on our way home. We had one stop in Dubai to transfer onto another plane to take us back to the UK, so we were already rather tired by the time we had reached Dubai Airport.

We had 4 hours to waste for our transfer flight so we had a small look around the airport bewildered and amazed by all these gold and premium products, some probably worth more than my house. The sheer size of the airport was insane.

Anyways, we had spent a few hours walking around and what not until we decided to sit near our gate before it officially opened. The area was very busy but we managed to find a seat for us both, my wife was drifting off slowly to sleep.

I think it had been about 30 minutes of sitting when I woke my wife to tell her I was going to quickly pop to the toilet. I got up and walked toward where the toilets sign was; bare in mind for the result of what happened next was due to extreme tiredness and lack of paying attention!

So I got to the “toilet” to see a queue of men outside, whom took off their shoes before they walked in. I thought to myself “This is a strange procedure just to go to the toilet”, but I went with it and proceeded to remove my Nikes before stepping in. I probably walked a good way into the room before I actually realised the “toilet” I had walked into was not a toilet at all…it was a prayer room. With a few men looking at me oddly, red faced I swiftly turned around and walked out. The speed in which I put my shoes back on was incredible. This embarrassing moment woke me up a little to notice the actual toilet was right next to the prayer room.

Safe to say that was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, but we can all have a good laugh about it now.


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