The time I secretly bought a kitten.

Who could say no?

I got in trouble for this one.

So it was the end of June/ start of July 2018 and my wife had gone away for a long weekend for a friend’s Hen Do. Great! Whole house to myself! Just me and my first Cat Milo chilling all weekend. Life was awesome.

It was day two of freedom and I needed to pop into town for some bits. I always felt guilty leaving Milo on his own, especially as he’s left a lot when we have to go to work. This made me think maybe Milo needs a friend. Someone to socialise with as much as Cats do.

When I got back home I just so happened to Google “Kittens in my area” and after a bit of scrolling I found him. This fluffy cute little Kitten with piercing blue eyes for £20 each located in Hinckley. I had to get him. I also thought; my wife would be so pleased to come home to a fluffy little Kitten, surely?

I contacted the owner and I arranged to pick him up as soon as possible. On the way there I was at a roundabout and someone’s tyre literally flew off as they went around the roundabout. To my amazement they carried on like nothing had happened. The tyre however stopped right in front of the lane I was in, so I put on my hazards to go and move it. Without thinking I grabbed the tyre forgetting how hot it would be. Ouch! I scolded my hand on the hot rubber, so with part of the tyre still sticking to my hands I kicked it over to the edge of the road, got in my car and carried on.

When I arrived at the house the Lady bought 3 kittens out. Not recognising any of them from the Advertisement pictures as they all had “Blue eyes” it suddenly came to my realisation I had been scammed with the simple use of Photoshop. Very clever. Feeling awkward I picked one that looked similar to the kitten I saw, such big BROWN eyes he had. I paid the money and headed back to the car with this tiny kitten.

When I got him back home I had Milo separated from the Kitten for a while just so that the Kitten could get used to his new environment. He was so scared bless him he went under the TV unit and huddled against the back wall. He was pretty unreachable, so I left him to chill there for a bit.

Time to introduce Milo.

I opened the door and Milo strutted in. He was a bit suspicious until he reached the centre of the room and heard the little meow of the Kitten from under the TV unit. He froze. His ears pricked up and he stared in the TV units direction for about a minute. He then spotted the Kitten so he ran to attempt to get under to meet him but he was too big and chubby. He was trying for a good 10 minutes until I made the decision to move the unit and pick up the Kitten. I properly introduced him to Milo and he seemed quite hesitant but he was OK about it all really.

That’s them all sorted, now time to give the good news to the wife! I sent her a Facebook message saying; “What would you say if I got a new Cat?”

The response was not positive so I sent a picture of the kitten with the caption “Surprise!” oh boy she was not happy. I was definitely in trouble when she got home.

She was very annoyed I got a new Cat without discussing it with her first, she was very angry and annoyed for a while. To my error I just kept trying to wind her up by telling jokes but it was like poking an angry Bear.

After a few days she got used to the new Kitten, we couldn’t think of a name for him so we just called him Hinckley seeing that’s where we got him from. Very creative.

Warning to all those men out there wanting to surprise their partners; don’t do it with a Kitten 😂

Now it’s been over a year Hinckley is definitely part of the family and him and Milo are inseparable. They love to play fight a lot but they adore each other.

I think it’s time to get another Cat or Dog? 😉


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