How I got Garlic Bread completely wrong.

Now through my early life I’ve never been overly experimental with food until I met my Wife. I wouldn’t touch Herbs or Spices and I had definitely never had Garlic Bread before. It’s just not something our family ever ate.

I had a temporary Christmas job at Waitrose in my late teens, stacking shelves and what not. Pretty basic little earner for a bit of money.

One lunch break whilst there I thought I’d go and try something completely different for me, something I’ve never tried before. I found myself browsing the chilled section until I stumbled upon a girthy single Garlic Bread. “Go on then, let’s give this a try” I thought to myself.

After my purchase I went up to the staff canteen and proceeded to open the packet. Of course me being an absolute newbie to the whole Garlic Bread thing I had no idea that you had to cook it first. I bit into it. It tasted awful. So doughy, moist and cold. I instantly put it down and threw it in the bin. I wondered “how on Earth can people eat this rubbish? It’s disgusting”.

No more was said or thought about.

Come many years down the line Hannah was making a delicious Lasagne. “I’ve got some Garlic Bread to have with this too” she excitedly declared.

“Great, I’ll give that a miss” I thought to myself.

Just as the Lasagne was finishing off to my horror she put the Garlic Bread in the oven. “Why are you putting that in there for!?” I asked.

A bit taken aback from the question she responded “What do you mean?”.

“The Garlic Bread, you eat it as it comes… don’t you?”.

She stared at me blankly; like who is this absolute moron I’ve married. “No, you always cook it…” she replied.

It was then I told her the story of my first experience with Garlic Bread. She was horrified but just laughed at me. I can safely say Garlic Bread tastes so much better when you cook it. I’m actually hooked on it now and love it everytime we get some for our dinners. You learn something new everyday.


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