The worst decision I’ve ever made.

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Sometimes living in a Village has its downsides. For one, the closest town to where I live is a good 6 miles away. It just so happens this town was the only decent place to have a good night out in the nearby vicinity.

So me and my best mate had planned this wild night out and it also happened it was the middle of Winter so it had been snowing very heavy all day. At the time I couldn’t drive so I got the Bus to his house as he lives in town. As soon as I got there the pre drinks were flowing and the dank memes were in full effect. Come about 9:30/10:00 we headed into the town centre; safe to say we went from bar to club and got absolutely drunk. Slurring and spinning we partied on until the last club, Enigma, closed at 3:00 am.

Time to go home.

“Come stay at mine if you want mate?” my best mate asked. If I wasnt so drunk my sensible mind would have thought; “No more taxi’s available, it’s a very long walk home, staying at my friends will be be the best idea”.

Nope… I responded; “Nah I’d prefer my own bed mate” and started walking down the road onward to the edge of town.

It was probably after the first hour of walking in the snow I realised I regretted this decision. I had nothing but a thin Cardigan on and thin canvas shoes, my body was like Ice, my teeth chattering but I had to carry on.

Hour two; A police car and Ambulance passed me but no-one stopped to see if I was ok. I could have done with a lovely warm drive the rest of the way. So annoying how the journey by car is only 15 minutes; walking however is a few good hours.

Hour three; I had reached the village just before mine. This was the last stretch now but I found myself sitting at a bus shelter thinking about my decision. I had half sobered by now and I sat there just having a go at myself. What a stupid decision.

After a short break I got up and determined to finish my mission, I strode onward to my goal.

After another 10 minutes I could see my village entrance in the distance. Excited I picked up the pace, the sun was slowly rising. Closer and closer I got until…I tripped over a dead roadkill Badger and faceplanted the cold snowy floor. Talk about kicking me while I was down.

I got back up and carried on until I finally got to my village, I then jogged down the high street to my parents house. As soon as I got in the house the warmth instantly hit me. Being as quiet as I could I crept upstairs, stripped naked from my cold wet clothes and just got in bed. I just shivered, I couldn’t sleep for a long while. I was so cold.

I had definitely come down with a flu. I started burning up and my head was spinning; the alcohol didn’t help I guess.

When I finally rose from my bed I told my Mum all about my adventures. She naturally called me very stupid showing me on the news two people had died that same night from being drunk in the snow.

Someone was definitely watching over me and guiding me home that night. Next time though, I’ll just sleep at my friends house. Better than waking up in a field but that’s a story for another time…


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