There is a serious issue with Mainstream Music in today’s society.

Mainstream music today is absolutely abysmal. It is full to the brim of brain dead “songs” which are mostly made for a quick buck and there is so much product placement in music now I feel like I’m listening to shopping centre ambience. The amount of clothing lines and brands I hear is terrible and unneeded . It’s just one big marketing flex to make you consume and people subconsciously take this in. 

Whatever happened to the days music was good? Where a songs message meant something. Granted you still get the odd few really good songs that slip into the mainstream net, but the rest is tripe. Then they try to justify this lack of talent with the phrase “Haters gonna hate”. No, I don’t hate you, I’m just honest when I say you have no real talent. You make your money being a marketing pawn for product. All you are is a face. As soon as that face is not needed anymore they will drop you and you’ll be left alone in the dark, that phone will not ring again. 

I’m not a moaning boomer saying this; I’m 27 and it disgusts me the amount of actual talent that goes unnoticed over these ear bleeding, brain sucking, wallet burning tracks. In the UK we have a program called BBC Introducing where independent musicians can upload their own music to in the hope to get air time. Although it’s a good idea and you get some great artists that have done well with it, the only issue is that it is still a person choosing what to play and what not to play. An individual is deeming whether an artist’s music is good to air on radio. It needs to be unbiased. I hear mainly just indie type tracks on BBC introducing; where is the rest of these creative genres and artists? 

We need a mainstream unbiased user submitted radio station that plays every submission automatically so everyone gets a chance to be heard. I’ve been aired on BBC introducing twice as well as a few other independent radio stations. I feel proud that my art has been chosen in the past but I think a lot of talent still goes unmissed. My style of music isn’t for everyone, every individual has their own specific tastes but everyone deserves a chance. 

Producng in the studio. Art is relative and takes time. Why not embrace people’s efforts?

It’s about time marketing and product placement was kept out of our music and actual talent was encouraged. If you are an artist then please post your music links in the comment section, I’d love to hear and share your art. 


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