I love being a “Cat-Dad”.

Hinckley snoozing.

Growing up I was never a Cat person. I was raised with Dogs, German Shepherds to be precise. In fact I think I actually thought of Cats as horrible vicious creatures that are just made to hiss and scratch at you.

Now; owning our house and have the freedom of what pet to have I can safely say I absolutely love my two boys. Me and my wife had debated getting a pet for quite some time before we had Milo. We weren’t sure if we’d be responsible enough for one. Admittedly, we went with the decision of a Cat as they are classed as the “Lazy man’s” pet. Boy were we wrong.

Milo is a proper whiner. If there is something he wants we will hear about it, regardless of what time it happens to be. He’s also too pretty to be a boy a lot of people say. Hinckley however is quite reserved, he just goes along with things and rarely meows. They are both close to us but I’d say Hinckley was the one that loves a good hug and stroke more; he even sleeps on our bed with us whereas Milo would more likely sleep downstairs.

Milo posing for the camera.

For two young male Cats they are always hungry, I firmly believe they would eat all day if they could. We could have fed them a whole pouch ten minutes prior for them to either want more or even be cheeky and try to nab some of our food.

The only downsides I say there are to them is that they are noisy, messy and naughty… BUT I suspect that is pretty much every Cat out there. As they say; “My Cat lives here, I just pay the Mortgage”. The amount of prey they catch in a day is incredible, I’m genuinely surprised there isn’t a mass extinction of Birds and Mice around our area. They even caught a Bat once, like how…..!?

I love them both to bits though, they are both so funny and I find myself having full on one way conversations with them both the majority of the time. I even like buying them little gifts etc. As if they were my children. I suppose in a sense they are like children in a lot of ways.

Coming home to them after a stressful day is what life is all about. They know roughly what time we get back and are already waiting by the back door. They alway meow excitedly, I kinda wish it was because they missed me but its probably because they want food.

A Cat is a man’s best friend… Kind of…


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