Being a “Car Guy”.

I’m a massive Car guy. I love driving them, looking at them, modding them and researching about them.

Here is a a list of things I do as a “Car Guy” that others may relate to.

  • When parking I try to park outside the window of the store I’m going to enter so I can keep and eye on my Car and admire it’s beauty from inside the store.
  • Constantly washing my Car every week and getting really OCD if the slightest bit of dirt or mark appears anywhere on the Car.
  • Every opportunity I have to overtake another car, I use it.
  • Having random drives around Town to give my Car and “good run” as well as see if anyone is looking at my Car (Most of the time they aren’t).
  • Appreciating other tuned up cars that are driving around; sometimes trying to outmatch one another on who has the faster Car.
  • Attending as many car shows as possible.
  • Fuel is like a second Mortgage.
  • Pointing out different Car makes when my non Car Wife is with me, who doesn’t really care.
  • Customising your car any way you can.
  • Knowing it’s not just about speed and power, it’s also about how the Car makes you feel driving it and how much fun it gives you.
  • Although you’ve not done anything wrong, everytime you pass a Police Car you think “They’re going to pull me over”.
  • Randomly just putting your foot down for a few seconds to feel that Torque baby!
  • Get up to the Speed limit as quick as possible.
  • What speed limit?
  • Random Photo Opportunities everywhere.
  • “Ah it’s OK, I have reverse sensors”.
  • Weekly trips to Halfords.
  • Always comparing your Car to your Friends’.
  • Your Car is your Friend…

Do any of these sound familiar?


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